Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ode to a Red Pen

Have you ever noticed when it comes to homework or a quick note-to-self we pick up our black or blue pen? In our pool of writing utensils found in our cups, purse, desk or wherever you may choose to keep yours, never do we select the red one.  Red is subjected to the torment of error correction or, on the opposite end of the scale, the lovey dovey doodles of me + you.  Well I say no more!
Here is the request someone made about a red pen.

Errors of sorts - spelling, grammar, the minor details
Hearts sketched with the initials of male and females
We use you to show love or to constructively criticize
 In anger we'll use you, yet overall you are wise
Oh red pen there is so much we can do with you -
Yet you remain unwanted, second to black or blue
Who says we cannot complete a paper in red ink?
It's not like you're trying to be yellow or pink
And why must your marks cause some to pout?
All you're really trying to do, is help out.
No one's up for the job like you dear red pen
You're definitely the toughest pen there has been
Dearest red pen, I think you have endlessly proved
You have bigger balls then the black and the blue

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