Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Home From the Dorms

College - non stop parties, an endless sleepover, drinking, dancing... doing whatever the hell you want, quite possibly, for the first time in your life.  I remember those dorm rooms, the good and the bad, and no matter how much I wouldn't admit it back then, it was good to come home every now and then.
This was a request from a girl who just completed her first year of college and asked me to write about the comforts of home.

In college we become independent and free -
As well as broke, stressed, tired and hungry
And while we enjoy the freedom to be on our own,
There is something to say about the comforts of home
Where laundry is free and is actually clean
And mom's home-cooked meals taste like 5-star cuisine.
The bathroom is shared by only a few
The toilet paper is stocked, the towels are too
You don't have to buy Phillips or Keystone
Dad will slip you a 20 and a beer of his own.
Then, after your parents fill the gas to your car,
Off you go again, back to college you are.
Parties and music, staying up all night
Until next time parents, it was a delight!

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