Tuesday, July 12, 2011

At a Coffee Shop

While applying for jobs, I have spent a countless amount of time in coffee shops.  I have enjoyed the smell of coffee brewing and the feeling I am not alone in the stress of accomplishing my goals.  Taking a step back to stop and, in this case, smell the coffee beans, I've come to notice and appreciate the people that surround me while I sit here.  Too often we judge someone without looking closely at ourselves to find maybe we are the ones that are or should be judged.  

Walking into a coffee shop, at first glance, one may see
People on their computers sipping their coffee
However the longer you sit there, the image, it may change
You notice more the people and how, to you, they may seem strange
There’s the coffee sipping “hipster” with his headphones in
Head bobbing to his music, oblivious to an onlookers grin
The noisy chatter of a high school girl, and the gossip she must give
At the next table is an elderly couple, who find it offensive
A businessman walks in sporting his fancy suit
And the sweat trickles from the young man who is in a job pursuit
There is a younger couple who more than occasionally flirt
And the people behind the counter are laughing as they work
And as I said before strange are the people you see here and there
But then again who was the strange person who took the time to stare?

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  1. I enjoyed this, yet some parts are hard to read with the background picture.